Our philosophy of kindness and respect to all residents is simple, but powerful

Clearbrook, under its new management team, aspires to deliver a family atmosphere, with kindness and respect at its heart

It's about family

Clearbrook Nursing Home is a family owned and run nursing home and for us that is significant, as we know nothing is more important than family.

My background and expertise in the delivery of healthcare governance, regulatory standards and achieving best practice in healthcare settings means we are also highly focused on having the right foundation.

Our philosophy is simple, but in the context of a nursing home, it’s powerful. We ensure our four key pillars are at the centre of all decisions - patient-centred care, meaningful activities, excellent dining and commitment to infection prevention and control.

Once this criterion is met, we then set about building a caring, family atmosphere. We hire people who share our ethos, and endeavour to treat them well with the aim of providing stability and continuity of care.

As a family-run enterprise, our priority is your family. The happiness of our valued residents and their families is the bottom line for us – which means ensuring that the appropriate resources are in place.

That’s the Clearbrook difference.
Warren Barry Managing Director Clearbrook Nursing Home
Warren Barry
Managing Director

Our People

Supporting the Managing Director and Director of Nursing is a dedicated team of staff nurses, senior healthcare assistants,
healthcare assistants, activity coordinator, social care practitioner, allied healthcare professionals and ancillary staff,
whose focus is to enhance the lives of the elderly residents in their care.
Lisamma Abraham - Director of Nursing
Director of Nursing, Lisamma (Lisa) Abraham

"My priority in Clearbrook is to provide best practice in care to all of our residents"

Lisa is a highly qualified Director of Nursing with over 25 years’ experience in nursing. She holds a BSc Nursing Management and MSc Nursing in Advanced Leadership with First Class Honours from Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

Lisa has also completed Dementia Mapping under Bradford University UK and has a European Certificate in Essential Palliative Care.

Lisa is a trained facilitator for National Dementia Programme, National Frailty Programme and National Anaphylaxis programme. Her areas of professional interest include education and training and nursing leadership.

To date her nursing career has been dedicated to creating a culture of high quality person-centered care in a variety of settings, especially for older people in residential care.

“My priority in Clearbrook is to provide best practice in care to all of our residents, ensuring we deliver all aspects of our foundational pillars programme of care, through the creation of a culture of high-quality person-centered care with a specific emphasis on teamwork amongst our staff."

“It is very refreshing to be part of a management team with a clear vision and purpose, we are mandated to provide excellence in care to all residents"

My role is to provide support to the Director of Nursing and ensure the safety and care of all the residents by fostering a culture of continuous improvement and best practice in patient centred care. I take pride in ensuring the right level of care is provided to all residents while maintaining high standards.

You can only get this in an owner-managed setup. We are building a team here that is local and has people with the right attitude and personality.
Portrait of Magdalena Banas, Assistant Director of Nursing, Clearbrook Nursing Home
Assistant Director of Nursing, Magdalena Banas
Nora Robles – Clinical Nurse Manager
Clinical Nurse Manager, Nora Robles

“We really do have great fun with the residents!"

I really enjoy my job for two reasons. The first is that I get a great kick out of our residents - they are great fun and you don't know what any individual day is going to bring with them. The second is that the team that I work with are very passionate about what they do and very committed to their work, which makes my job that bit easier and enjoyable.
Sanjay Joseph – Clinical Nurse Manager
Clinical Nurse Manager, Sanjay Joseph

“The team are very passionate about what they do"

I love the team environment and caring culture at Clearbrook towards Residents and Staff alike. For me, its particularly satisfying and I am proud of the level of care we provide.

It is really encouraging to work in an environment where you can see pathway for promotion. I started in Clearbrook in 2020 as a Staff Nurse, before being promoted to Senior Staff Nurse. I am now working as a CNM1.

"There really is something for everyone, to add purpose and a focal point to their day."

"One thing that works really well for us is that we split our time between doing group activities and one to one activities. This means that can offer each resident something that works for them, as not everyone always wants to do a group activity.
Anna K rounded
Activity Co-ordinator, Anna Kedzierska
Andressa da Silva Carneiro and Kelly McLoughlin, Activities Coordinators with Clearbrook Nursing Home
Activity Co-ordinators, Kelly McLoughlin and Andressa Silva Carneiro

"We really encourage residents to partake in all our activities"

“Social interaction through our activity programmes is a crucial element of our individual care plans for residents. We have wide and varied activity programmes, with lots for everyone. We like to go the extra mile to find out what they like and, to be honest, we just have great fun with them. That's what I love about this job!"
“Our role is to train and assist all HCAs achieve their goals and potential for best practice in resident care. We love to see the transition in our HCAs as they blossom in their roles and get to know the residents better. As a husband and wife team, we really appreciate the family atmosphere in Clearbrook.
Lukas & Justyna, Health Care Assistants - Team Leaders
Health Care Supervisor, Louise Compton
Beatrice Carroll - Head of Catering
Head of Catering Beatrice Carroll
“I like to see my role as Head of Catering extending a little beyond the preparation of food. I want the residents to enjoy mealtimes and the dining experience. I like to get to know our residents. I talk to them about what they like and what they don't like. This allows us to create an individualised food plan for each resident, so they enjoy really satisfying, high standard meals. I also meet with a nutritionist each week to create menus that ensure our residents are getting the nutrition they need in a planned way.
I have extensive experience in the hotel and healthcare settings. I am very fortunate to lead the Housekeeping Team. My team and I take huge pride in the standards that we keep.

We love coming to work. We understand that this is home for our residents, and they want it to look good when they are receiving visitors. That's really important to us.’’
Izabela Kloda – Head of Housekeeping
Housekeeping Supervisor, Izabela Kloda