"I would be delighted to guide you every step of the way through the Fair Deal Scheme"

Lisamma Abraham
Director of Nursing
'Fair Deal' provides financial support for those in long-term nursing home care.
You pay part of the nursing home fees and the HSE pays the balance.
Lisamma Abraham - Director of Nursing

Help is at hand!

Hi, I'm Lisa Abraham, Director of Nursing. I would be delighted to guide you through every step of the Fair Deal Scheme. It can be daunting trying to do that on your own. I like to be in direct contact with the families and to help them get the most from Fair Deal. I make a point of getting to know the families.

You can apply for financial support to help you pay for the cost of nursing home care through The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, also known as the Fair Deal Scheme. Under this scheme, you make a contribution towards the cost of your care and the State pay the balance.

You are eligible to apply for the Fair Deal Scheme if;

you have lived in the State for at least one year and intend to live here for at least a year; you undergo a care needs assessment that confirms you require long-term nursing home care.

The application process:


A healthcare professional will assess if you require long-term nursing home care.


This assessment determines your contribution towards your care based on your income and assets and the level of financial support you will receive from the State.


You can also apply for a Nursing Home Loan. If approved, the State will pay the nursing home on your behalf and you do not have to sell your home or other land or property during your lifetime. The loan is then repaid after your death.


You will find the most up-to-date information about the Fair Deal Scheme on the HSE website.